Writing made fast, natural and fun

If the keyboard was invented today, what would it look like?

Handwriting reinvented

The 8pen draws inspiration from handwriting. By mimicking the way our hand moves when constrained to a square canvas, we are able to create a natural and fun writing experience, akin to doodling on a piece of paper.

Designed for speed

The layout is optimised for fast writing, by allowing for the most common letter sequences to be produced with swift, fluid gestures. Once familiar with the layout, you can reach speeds of 40 words per minute.

Typos, goodbye

The simplicity of the gestures used to enter words allow for true blind typing, and virtually eliminates typos, regardless of whether you have small or big fingers. Word suggestion becomes an optimisation, not a dependency.

Where it works

The simplicity of the 8pen makes it suited not only for smartphones with small touchscreens, but for a completely new class of devices where text input thus far has been cumbersome or straight out impossible.

Mobile devices

Leap MotionĀ®

We are currently back to the drawing board, and hope to have a fresh update available soon on the Play Store. Until then, stay tuned for updates by following us on Twitter.